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Separate insulting stereotypes from cultural observations –This is tricky territory for any writer, made more treacherous when you’re whipping out a column with minimal research, knowledge or expertise in discussing the culture you’re trying to explore.

I’d add this is made trickier by the general lack of knowledge among non-Asians as to the history of racism against Asian Americans. Folks simply don’t know sometimes that certain “cultural observations” have been wielded as weapons against us; the problem is when your job as a journalist is to educate yourself on these topics, and you write without undertaking that effort. Ignorance is excusable; willful ignorance is not.

Eric Deggans, TV & Media Critic for the Tampa Bay Times, “Reaction to NBA phenom Lin demonstrates need for progress against media prejudices” (via jesifiable)

Woo child.

this. is. why. we. need. more. people. of. color. in. the. media.

reason number 19437

a lot of racism and plain old ignorance is normalized in this day and age

so instead of defaulting to the people most likely to be racist and/or ignorant

why don’t we start hiring people with viewpoints that have HAD to be widened just for our own survival?

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