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Adande: Kobe Bryant, Trayvon Martin and Black Twitter


A really good article by JA. Well worth the read. 

Oh, and Kobe’s perspective on the whole thing? I think he nailed it. Was really impressed and happy to hear Kobe’s take. 


i’m really annoyed people boiled the kobe/trayvon comments to “black people overreacting.” it’s dismissive and lacking nuance. 

and white folks (who really have no place in this discussion)—of COURSE y’all advocate for anything that essentially tells POC to calm down about racism. miss me with that. 

Text Post Sun, Feb. 23, 2014 1 note

ESPN is doing a special tonight called “The N Word.”


i’m shuddering already, imagining all the WHITE OPINIONZZZ, respectability bullshit that’s about to come from this. probably will have an all-white panel, too. wooo there aren’t enough NO gifs in the world for this fuckery…

Text Post Tue, Jul. 16, 2013 2 notes

reaaaaaaaaaaaaly not here for these random social media experts on ESPN saying that black athletes should basically know better than to have posted about the Zimmerman verdict because of all the racist trolls that come out and attack them. like, how ignorant can you be to not address, oh, i dunno, THE RACIST TROLLS? or better yet recognize that young black men MIGHT feel some kind of way about a trial that blatantly criminalized blackness and black manhood?

not to mention, it’s almost childishly ignorant to think that last week is the first time athletes have faced racism via social media as opposed to EVERY day. please…check any player’s mentions on Twitter and see how many times they’re called a nigger.

i don’t have time for this white nonsense.


this social media expert (white dude) honestly said the words “You didn’t see Peyton Manning tweeting about the Zimmerman verdict, did you?” like he’s an example of responsible social media presence or something. instead of yanno BEING A RICH WHITE DUDE WHO IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS AS MUCH. you really can’t see why dwyane wade (former black boy, father of two black boys) miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight feel strongly about the verdict, moreso than Peyton fucking Manning? get off my tv, cracker. guess what? everybody, esp black folks, felt a way about the trial. OOPS GUESS YOU REALIZED YOUR ATHLETE IDOLS HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN THAT THEY’RE STILL NIGGAS LIKE US. YOUR BAD.  

i’m sick. 

Quote Post Tue, Feb. 21, 2012 5 notes

Separate insulting stereotypes from cultural observations –This is tricky territory for any writer, made more treacherous when you’re whipping out a column with minimal research, knowledge or expertise in discussing the culture you’re trying to explore.

I’d add this is made trickier by the general lack of knowledge among non-Asians as to the history of racism against Asian Americans. Folks simply don’t know sometimes that certain “cultural observations” have been wielded as weapons against us; the problem is when your job as a journalist is to educate yourself on these topics, and you write without undertaking that effort. Ignorance is excusable; willful ignorance is not.

Eric Deggans, TV & Media Critic for the Tampa Bay Times, “Reaction to NBA phenom Lin demonstrates need for progress against media prejudices” (via jesifiable)

Woo child.

this. is. why. we. need. more. people. of. color. in. the. media.

reason number 19437

a lot of racism and plain old ignorance is normalized in this day and age

so instead of defaulting to the people most likely to be racist and/or ignorant

why don’t we start hiring people with viewpoints that have HAD to be widened just for our own survival?

(Source:, via mizmlee)

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WTF?’s “Contact Us” Gives Option To Hate Specifically on Female Commentators





tbh they probably get so many that if a complaint gets tagged as any one of those categories they know to just ignore it

you should see the amount of hate Jemele Hill gets on Twitter alone :-(